Summers end

I have always felt like the end of summer/start of fall as a “new year”. In large part because everyone is going back to school and summer vacations are over and it feels like things “get moving” again. Work is busier, life is busier with soccer, dance, school and all the other things that come along in a day. Next week I get to see my kids start first grade and preschool (again!). They had an amazing summer at ‘Camp Grampy” but I think they are ready (and I know I sure am) for them to get back into a routine at school. I also think my dad is happy to get some peace and quite back!

Our summer was action packed and we made some really wonderful memories. We had an amazing time at Saco where I learned I have a love of nature and the serenity of being out on the river! We traveled to Sesame Place and Hershey park. We camped out in the Berkshires- I am becoming quite the nature girl. If only I could pack up a portable shower, I would be all set! We spent so many days laying by our pool with so many great friends and even had a few beach days. All in all a great summer.

This past Monday I had my  appointment for my next set of scans. Another long day, most of which is just waiting. Our day of scans looks something like this:

7:15- Labs

8:00- Radioactive Injection for bone scan

8:30- CT Check in and prep

9:30- CT

11:00- Bone Scan

2:00- Dr. Appointment to review scans

3:00- treatment

See all that time in between- you guessed it: WAITING!!!

Oh well though, I would wait a hundred hours for good news. Good news is what I got!! Thankfully I continue to be stable. Disease is controlled without any progression. So we continue on the same path. Thank God!

Earlier this year, I was approached by the Jimmy Fund to be a 2017 Jimmy Fund Hero. Upon first approach, I said no thank you, give it to someone who truly deserves it. My rep at the Jimmy Fund, Jenny laughed and said “April, you truly deserve it.” While that may be true in some eyes, in my eyes, I am no hero. I am merely doing what I can to get through this. Some days are easier than others. Most days when I allow myself to think about it all, I cry. I believe that if I can continue to have the mental power over this disease then I can continue to be the force of this fight and not this cancer.

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5 thoughts on “Summers end

  1. Kristin says:

    ❤️ You truly are a hero to your family friends and everyone’s life you touch. I am so happy to hear the the good news. ❤️ Love you always.

  2. Lauren says:

    April’s becoming a camper! I love it! I love even more the great news from this week- it’s like a reset for us all and a reminder to take a deep breath and remember that for now it’s OK. Love you!

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