From the infusion room

I write this post today from my chair in the infusion room at Dana Farber. It is almost 11:30 am and so far today I have already gotten up and ready, woke up the kids and got them ready for the day, drove in 2 hours of traffic to get to the clinic ,had my labs drawn and an IV put in, was examined, and now I am getting my infusion and Lupron shot. I even managed to sneak some work emails in there too! Not even noon, and a pretty productive but average day in the life of a cancer patient.

Thankfully all still looks good in the world of MY cancer. Labs are good, tumor is small and we continue on. I sit in this infusion room and the waiting room surrounded with other cancer patients. Some of whom you can tell have been in this “game” for a while and some who have the look of worry on their face, maybe from a new diagnosis or bad news. Some patients look like the “typical” cancer patient- bald. Many others look like “normal” people that you could never tell had cancer just by looking at them. Being here at DFCI always amazes me and really puts things into perspective for me.

Trevor, the kids and I have an action packed summer coming up and we look forward to keeping cancer in the background of our lives. We look forward to making great memories and having some fun as a family.

I leave you with this: “Kindness is like a Boomerang, it always comes back to you!” I read this quote on one of the kids juice boxes a few weeks ago at a time when I really needed it. I had had a rough week that included some disappointments from people and this quote struck a chord with me. I have seen quotes with the same meaning on two church signs within the past couple of weeks. Coincidence? Maybe. But I am a big believer in signs. Maybe this is a sign for me to be kinder……I am trying my best! But also a sign to thank the ones that are so kind to me. Your random texts or calls to let me know you are thinking of me always manage to come at a time when I really need them. A small gesture in your world but a really big one in mine! XO

Infusion with a view.


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