October- Think Before you PINK

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Breast Cancer has become synonymous with pink ribbons and the color pink in general. Companies have made millions of dollars off of these pink items claiming that these funds go towards breast cancer research. Did you know that last year the largest breast cancer fundraising organization contributed approximately 19% of their proceeds to breast cancer research. Metastatic Breast Cancer research received only 2% of total contributions to breast cancer as a whole. Metastatic Breast Cancer WILL kill me. Hopefully not for a long time but someday it will take over my life unless……..a CURE is found. The only way that this is going to happen is if more research is done. While I completely support that early detection is important, a CURE is really the only way to eradicate breast cancer and it taking the lives of people like me.

So before you pink this month and donate, please make sure that you are giving to an organization that gives all of their proceeds to cancer research and not to boost the salaries of their already overpaid board of directors.

National Metastatic Breast Cancer day is October 13th this year. There are currently over 155,000 people in the US living with Metastatic Breast Cancer. This special group of people and I like to call ourselves Metavivors! Please  visit metavivor.org is you would like more information on this disease.

** I also realize that we recently did the Jimmy Fund walk clad in PINK t-shirts, with PINK bracelets so we are guilty of the PINK movement as well. The difference is 100% of the funds that we raised were donated to the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber for Research and pink just happens to be one of my favorite colors!

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