pic-2I had my first set of scans since my diagnosis on Monday. What a long day! We got into Boston around 7:45 and did not leave until 6:40 at night! I was poked, prodded, and scanned all day long. It was all worth it though! My oncologist said that all of my scans look great! There are no new spots in my bones and it actually looks like my bones are starting to heal. During the physical exam, my oncologist stated that she could not feel the tumors in my breast and that my lymph node, which was originally how we found this, had returned to its normal size and consistency! All great news. While I will never be cancer free or in remission, the goal for me is to be stable and have control of the cancer and these test results confirm that I AM stable and the cancer is under control!! Now we will stay on this regimen of medicines until they no longer work…….hopefully in many, many years.

This photo here is of my “Dana Farber Support team”!! Trevor as previously noted has been a rock for me through this whole ordeal. Sarah is my close friend who not only pulled some major strings to get me in with the best of the best at Dana Farber but managed to get me an appointment faster than some would dream possible! She has not missed one of my appointments and has provided Trevor and I great support while we are at these appointments. Keeping Trevor company while I am in my scans, hanging out with us in waiting rooms, showing us where to go b/c DFCI is not an easy place to get around and just basically being there! For this, she will never understand how much we adore and love her and how appreciative we are for all that she does for us! ( I know this is an awful photo but I think at this point we were on hour # 6 at the hospital!)



15 thoughts on “Stability

  1. Terry fraser says:

    That is awesome news!! You rock April! We love you and know you will rock this world for a very very long time!!! Stay healthy!! And I’m glad you have such a great friend and hubby by your side!!

  2. Michelle de Sousa Moore says:

    This is the best news!!! I am so happy for you April! I love you to pieces and can’t wait to give you a big hug on Sunday!!! xoxoxox #cabralscrusaders #conquercancer #fierce #resiliency #fighter

  3. Sara says:

    Such wonderful news!!! I love your blog and all of your posts!! 😊 Can’t wait to give you a big hug on Saturday!! Great pic! You couldn’t ask for a better team!! The 3 of you rock!! Xo ❤️

  4. Kelly P says:

    April, that is fantastic news!! It is so great that you have an amazing support team. Thank you for starting this blog, I am inspired by your strength and courage. Keep up the fight!!

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