Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you have a wonderful day surrounded by people that you love and who love you!

I am thankful this year for many of the obvious things: Trevor, Quinn and Colin being the #1 people that I am thankful for. Without them this fight would not be worth any of it. I am thankful for the wonderful people who surround us and show us true support, friendship, family and love. I am thankful that I continue to feel well and that my treatment is still working. Most of all I am thankful for TIME. Thankful that I got another year……another year to celebrate many things and make amazing memories. My kids are getting older and changing constantly and I am thankful that I am here to be a part of it all.

I try not to burden anyone with how I truly feel (mostly mentally, as physically I am pretty good) but as you can imagine the mental aspect of this disease is probably the hardest fight. I recently read through all of my doctors notes (something that I do not recommend to anyone!) and one doctors not stuck with me the most: “Patient struggles with the uncertainty of her diagnosis.” This is my biggest struggle. I am part of many online groups full of woman who are going through what I am. Sadly, they are the ones that really know what I am going through since they themselves are in the same situations. Every day I am riddled with news of who passed away that week, news of people near the end, updates from husbands letting everyone know how kids are doing since their mom passed. It is a scary world to be a part of but I am very thankful that I have these “friends” to vent to, ask questions to and who help me realize that there is come hope through all of this.

Happy Thanksgiving.




4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Kerry Glynn says:

    Beautiful words April – I am thankful for you and our friendship and I know you are going to have many more years of Thanksgivings with us surrounded by those of us that love you. Your strength and courage facing this uncertainty is amazing. We love you. Happy Thanksgiving Cabral family!

  2. Sarah says:

    We love you!!! We will have many, many more times we can both “vent” to each other on Y9! You are a true inspiration to all of us! xoxo

  3. Sheri says:

    Happy Thanksgiving April. I am thankful that I had the chance to meet you and your family. Your smile is contagious and your determination is unmatched. You are a true inspiration, keep inspiring!

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