Treatment Cycle #3

I had my fourth appointment and third treatment at Dana Farber a couple of days ago. My oncologist was unavailable so I saw her RN so there was really not much news. Things seem to remain steady and the medicine seems to be working still. My next set of scans will be in September so that will be when will be able to confirm if things are headed in the right direction! I am still feeling great for the most part. I am having some small side effects from the meds (tired and dizzy mostly, but wasn’t I always!). My current drug regimen is the following:

Lupron- a big shot in the butt once a month that shuts down ovaries. So currently I am going through menopause! Hot flashes are no joke!!

Zometa: a monthly infusion which I am receiving in the attached photo. This strengthens my bones since the oral chemo I am on is breaking down the cancer in my bones and essentially weakening my bones at the same time.

Letrozole- this daily pill shuts down all of the hormone production in the rest of my body.

Ibrance: This is the oral chemo I take daily to attack the cancer in my bones.

Since my cancer is so hormone receptive, the hormone therapy is basically taking the fuel out of the disease while attacking the cancer in the bones all while strengthening my bones. As my doctor said the 1,2,3 punch of medicines!!!


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  1. Sarah says:

    Glad you found a way to express yourself. You are not alone. Glad your treatment is going well. Yay for Ibrance!

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