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april-familyBig week in my house this week!

I am now the proud mama of a Pre-K graduate!! I’ve always celebrated everything so the mini graduation party we had after her ceremony was nothing out of character! But the tears that I shed at the graduation and for days after may have some people questioning my mental stability!? Truth is I am not sure if it is the hormones, or lack thereof, or the fact that the whole time i questioned if this would be the only graduation ceremony of hers that I will see. While my doctors are confident and optimistic that i can and will live with this disease for a “good long time” i can’t help but wonder if this disease will get the best of me before i’m good and ready. At this point i feel entitled to the good cries and the bad days but I’m trying my best to stay positive, optimistic and hopeful that in 13 years i will be writing another post about her high school graduation.

I also had my monthly appointment with my oncologist. It is funny how easy they are becoming….we are learning our way to the hospital and timing our trek through the city of Boston during rush hour perfectly. I have found my favorite nurse, Roxanne, who can get my IV and take my 9 tubes of blood in one stick!! I learned that i can get acupuncture and a hand massage while getting my infusion making it all a little bit better. Luckily this infusion of Zometa produced no side effects which was a huge relief b/c my first infusion had me in bed for 3 days with terrible pain and flu-like symptoms. So thankful for this b/c we are also in the middle of dance recital week which is no easy feat in itself (#dancemoms)! We also found out that my tumor markers have continued to go down meaning that the hormone therapy is working! So now we continue to ride this wave of “good progress” until next month!! It is funny b/c we are starting to make goals based on Dr’s appt (i.e Let’s get Colin potty trained b/f our next appt) HA!!

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  1. dcabral says:

    I’m so incredibly proud of you for creating this blog. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these posts. You are so strong and brave! Looking forward to reading more. Love you!

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