Whirlwind Weeks

The past couple of weeks have been a complete whirlwind of so many high points and I truly admit that sometimes I forget that I have cancer.

The 1st   annual Cabral’s Crusaders Fundraiser was an enormous success. I was so proud of the event and so happy with the way it turned out. I had a room full of approximately 150 people that truly love and support Trevor, the kids and myself and that felt really good! It was a night when all of my worlds collided, I had my childhood friends, my college friends, sorority sisters, work friends, mom friends, and wonderful family members all together for what I think was a really fun night. The most important part was that we were able to profit close to $10,000 which will be applied to the team bank for the Cabral’s Crusaders 2017 Jimmy Fund Walk!!! We should all be so proud. This was truly a team effort. I am so thankful for all of the donations that poured in for this event. I am thankful to everyone that attended and am so thankful to the ones that bought tickets even though you could not make it. As a said in my little speech at the event, “You are all truly the force behind our strength in this battle” and for that we could never show how truly appreciative we are. I want to send special shout outs to Metacomet Country Club and especially Alitha Wood. They were amazing and so generous with us and our event and provided us with a beautiful and perfect venue for the night. A huge thank you to Fevah Dream. I have been friends with these guys for close to 15 years and have heard them so many times. Rocking out with you guys that night made me feel 21 again!!! You are all great friends and the way you supported me that night and continue to support me will not be forgotten. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Kim Keune who donated her time and captured the time with gorgeous photos that we can always look back on!! Thank you, Lauren Brady who helped me, on numerous Saturdays behind the scenes getting things ready and was a huge help the day/night of setting everything up and helping to make sure everything ran smoothly. Thank you to Nicole and Sarah who manned the registration table. Thank you to Beth and Michelle who sold tickets. Thank you to all of the people who helped run the most efficient raffle that I have ever seen!! Love to you all.

A few days after the event, Trevor and I took off to Nashville with a really great and fun group of people. Being the country music lover that I am, I have been wanting to go to Nashville for quite some time now and boy did it not disappoint. We had so many laughs, listened to great music, rocked cowboy boots and drank WAY too many Bud Lights. Definitely a check off of my bucket list but I hope to be back there again one day!

This past Wednesday was scan day! Always an anxiety riddled day but I felt eerily peaceful about the day. Is this because, it is becoming routine to me or that I know I have no control over what is going to happen only how I can react to it? Not sure yet, still working on that one! Regardless, after a long day of scanning and being re-scanned (which always causes some concern) my oncologist walked in and said the 6 letters that mean the most to a Stage 4 Breast Cancer patient- STABLE! I am still stable!! Thank god! Things are continuing to work and more importantly I continue to feel good!!

**The 2017 Jimmy Fund walk is going to be on September 24th! If you would like to join our team please visit: www.jimmyfundwalk.org/2017/Cabralscrusaders Be sure to use the code Crusaders to receive $5 off of your registration! Let’s make this year’s team bigger than last year!!

** Please visit this link to view some of the entrance photos from the fundraiser. You can purchase the photos on the site and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to our team!Cabral Wine and Beer Tasting Fundraiser

**If you would like to book a photo session with Kim, please visit http://www.kimkeune.com/ for contact info. Be sure to mention our event and she will donate a portion of your session fee to our team!!

Click here to view the slide show that was presented at the fundraiser highlighting the 2016 Cabral’s Crusaders and the reasons why we walk!



Trevor tired from a long day at DFCI!



“We have two options, medically and emotionally: GIVE UP OR FIGHT LIKE HELL”-Lance Armstrong

FIGHT LIKE HELL IT IS!! I cannot and will not give up this fight.

I walked this past weekend in the 2016 Jimmy Fund walk to benefit cancer research with an amazing team of over 60 people. Together we raised over $27,000 and donations are continuing to roll in. We had a great day and I am so proud of our accomplishments in our first year participating and look forward to making this bigger and better for many years to come. Trevor and I are so blessed to have looked out on Sunday at the sea of people in pink Cabral Crusader’s shirts and then to have photos sent to us of people who couldn’t make the walk but wore the shirts to show that they were with us in spirit! WE thank each and everyone of you. This situation that we have found ourselves in with this diagnosis is awful but each and everyone of you have brought a smile to our faces and have helped us through this in some way whether you realize it or not.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Eileen passed away from cancer. When I was first diagnosed Eileen told me that having cancer is a marathon not a sprint and she helped me with some positive words that got me through the initial shock of my situation. This year I walked in Eileen’s memory.


Here is a video of our walk that was put together by the amazing Melissa Scungio!!




IMG_0275This past Tuesday was my 5th appointment at Dana Farber and my 4th treatment cycle. No news is good news I guess!! Everything still looks good, the NP who did my exam said she could not feel the tumor in my breast anymore!! Huge news!! Next month I will have my first set of scans since beginning treatment. This will be when the doctors can confirm that the meds are working and that I am on the right path!!!

Our Jimmy Fund walk team, Cabral’s Crusaders, has raised $16,074 as of this morning which will all be donated to finding a cure!! I am so humbled by all of the support from so many and am honored that we are all walking together against this awful disease. Since my diagnosis, the more people I talk too about my situation, the more I realize that there are so many people affected by this. In my direct circle of friends, I have two friends that have recently fought and BEAT breast cancer!! I recently learned of a girl from my hometown whose young son is battling cancer as well. I am glad that we are giving back, not only to find a cure for me but also for all the others that are battling this!!!

I wanted to give a shout out to my hubby, Trevor. He has been my rock through this whole ordeal. We all know that I am a control freak and that I am usually the one in the drivers seat of our life (figuratively and in real life, since I get car sick when he drives!) so it is hard for me to let him take charge but he is wonderful! He has not missed an appointment, takes notes and asks questions when needed, reminds me to take my meds and hydrate and is there constantly to remind me of how many positive things are on our side with this! I know my constant eye rolls and short fuse with him is not easy to deal with but I am so grateful to have him by my side with this diagnosis and in life!!! XOXO