MEI’m hoping this blog will help me through a rough time in my life.

I’m a 35 year old married woman with two kids living in Somerset, MA. I’ve been navigating my whole life through lots of emotional drama with straight up strength of will to just be a good, happy person at the end of each day. Like most people, a lot has happened to me that I didn’t choose. Family and friends have appeared and disappeared and I’ve been able to stay sane and healthy. A kick-ass cheerleader in high school, sorority girl (Madame President!) in college, and always the fun party girl and traveler, I’ve had some pretty amazing times. Add in a little anxiety, control freak tendencies and a loud mouth to balance it all out. Financial Planning Executive Assistant, Pacific Islander, working mom, welcoming host, life of the party, supportive friend, great cook and now a Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer Patient.

I’m hoping this blog will help you feel something. I’m hoping it will help me keep track of my thoughts and maintain some perspective while I navigate life with my disease. Read on to hear about my good days, bad days, random thoughts and frankly, anything else I want to put here (see ‘control freak’ above).